About this vehicle

*************** Motivated Seller *************** *** Taking Reasonable Non Lowball Offers *** I have decided to sell my 1 OFF, Custom, Fabricated 1979 Jeep CJ7. It's time for me to get back into a Muscle Car. **** (I'm looking for a Nice 1st Generation (68) or 2nd Generation (70 to 73 Split Bumper) Camaro or a Nice 1st Generation (65, 66 or 67) Nova, Tri Fives are also a Very Strong Interest as well **** This 1979 Jeep CJ7 was a Frame Off Build in which was Completed In 2017 w/New Paint. This past Spring I spent just under an additional $6000 on Brand New Tires and Wheels. This CJ7 is a absolute Dream to drive as she need nothing. With her powerful SBC 350 w/Sniper Fuel Injection (compared to a LS1) she can be driven down the interstate and then taken Off-Road and driven back home. Again she is a very reliable BEAST. A simple turn of the key, no matter what the season is, she fires right over and without hesitation. I have more pictures and even a 3 Minute Video in which Ebay wouldn't let me download. Please feel free in contacting me anytime for the video in which was taken at the end of January when it was Snowing and 29° out. She fired right over. The pictures of the Jeep Flexing are with the Old Wheels and Tires and are not included or available any longer. My cell number is 301-992-9873.

Seller's Notes

The 1979 Jeep CJ7 is being sold As Is with Absolutely NO WARRANTY IMPLIED. The CJ7 is located in Hagerstown MD and the Shipping Cost is fully responsible of the Buyer, however I have no issues assisting in any way that I am able too. All payment arrangements are and will be made through me and only me. The Jeep CJ7 will be paid in full and all funds will have to clear my bank before the Jeep and Title leaves my possession. I will only take Cash, If you decide to pick the Jeep Up in person. With that being said all funds will be checked before the Jeep is turned over to you. My asking price is $35,000obo. I do have a quick breakdown of what it would cost today to build a Rig/Machine/CJ7 similar. The cost is right around $46,000 without hundreds of hours of time/labor and blood involved.

Vehicle Details

* 350sbc

* Holley Sniper Fuel Injection

* Aluminum Radiator w/Flexalite Syclone Fan

* SM465 4spd Transmission

* Dana 300 Twin Stick Transfer Case

* Dana 60 Front Axle Trussed w/OX Locker

* 14 Bolt Rear Axle w/Detroit Locker

* Custom Built and Balanced Driveshafts

* 5 = 40x13.50 R17 Pro Comp Xtreme Mt2 Tires

* 5 = 17" Grenade Crawl Beadlock Wheels

* Custom Fabricated Front Stubby Bumper

w/ Smittybuilt 12k LB Winch

* Custom Built Front Fenders and Coated w/Raptor Liner

* Cutom Built Rear Fenders and Coated w/Raptor Liner

* Boat Sided and Custom Rock Sliders Welded In

* Rear Tub Wrapped With 1/8" Steel Which Adds Strengthe and Durability

* Frame Was Sanded and Recoated w/VHT Epoxy Paint

* Added Under Tub Rear Crossmember For Strength

* 3 Link Suspension w/Cherokee Coils Up Front

* CJ Leaf Springs Replaced w/Cherokee Leaf Springs

* Oversized Rebuildable EMF Rod Ends On Suspension Links

* Hydro Assist Ram High Steering w/Chromoly Links

* Front Hydrolic Bump Stops Inside Coils

* Front Custom Spring Tower Brace Painted To Match Jeep

* Original CJ7 Tub Was Stripped Down And All Rust Removed and Then Herculined/Raptorlined Inside and Out

* Custom Built Rollcage w/DOM Tubing

* Corbeau Front Seats w/Matching Rear Seat Cover

* Driver and Passenger 5 Point Racing Harnesses

* Wetsounds Bluetooth Receiver (Kicker Wakeboard Tower Speakers ARE NOT INCLUDED)

* 50" Windshield Lightbar

* Bikini Top

* Half Doors

**** I do have a 3 minute video of the Jeep CJ7 Running, But Ebay Only Allows A 60sec Maximum Video. Please contact me at 301-992-9873 and I will send you the video.





Deposits are nonrefundable.