Grindle Worm Mature Culture 16oz - Live Fish Food Culture. This culture stays at room temperature and has been producing for a few weeks now and has hundreds of worm in it. What to expect: 16oz deli cup with coco coir substrate and grindle worms

Care Guide:
Supplies you’ll need:
Peat moss, organic coconut fibers, or organic potting soil
Fish food, cat food, cat treats, or dog food
Container (Length is more important than height)
(Optional) plastic canvas and small clear lid
Setting up your culture:
Get your container
Poke air holes in the lid
Put small pieces of paper towel on the holes with tape around the perimeter hole
Put about 1-3 inches of substrate in (Varying on the size of your container)
Add your starter culture in the middle (Be sure to even it out)
Add you plastic canvas on top of where you put your starter culture
Add your food (Fish food, cat food, cat treats, or dog food) on top of the canvas
Add the small clear lid on top of the food and press firmly
Open up your culture
Pick up the small clear lid (There should be small grindal worms stuck on the lid)
You can either shake the clear lid or the plastic canvas into your fish tank
Refeed your worms
Repeat the harvesting process if needed
Every 1 to 2 months your culture will become full of waste. Therefore you have to do this thing called reculturing. I reculture often to prevent any crashes. To reculture it’s very similar to setting up your culture.
1-2 weeks before the 1-2 month mark start transitioning your worms off to one side of your container
After the worms are fully transitioned to the one side then take out half the substrate on the side there are no worms on
Replace with new substrate
Start transitioning your worms over to the side with the new substrate
Then after your worms are transitioned your culture will be good to go for the next month or 2
Then reculture again
What to do if your culture crashes:
If your culture crashes don’t give up hope. I would wait 1-2 weeks feeding and caring for the culture and removing moldy food. If there are no signs of life after 1-2 weeks I would toss that and get a new culture.
Any questions regarding your worms or any live food cultures