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Tous les produits mis en vente sur notre site apparaissent plusieurs fois et ce avec des prix différents cela est dû à la traduction automatique d’Ebay dans chaque pays respectif. Dans les pays hors France les frais de port sont intégrés. En réalité il n’y a qu’une seule unité d’un produit. Lors de vos recherches, vérifier la photo et le petit numéro à trois chiffres précédé d’une lettre (ex : B420) dans le titre de l’annonce ; si identique il s’agit de la même annonce.



!! Important information !!

All the products put on sale on our site appear several times and those with different prices this is due to the automatic translation of Ebay in each respective country. In countries outside France the shipping costs are integrated. In reality there is only one unit of a product. During your search checked the photo and the small three-digit number preceded by a letter (ex: B420) in the title of the ad; If identical it is the same ad.




With option 05 = wavelength reference light source 1.53 µm

Power ON: OK

Self test : not pass

No Test

Anritsu MS9710C provides excellent wavelength accuracy, waveform shape, and new features. This OSA year is improved version of the popular MS9710B and features improved wavelength accuracy, resolution bandwidth and signal-to-noise averaging. This diffraction grating spectrum analyzer covers a wide wavelength range from 600 to 1750 nm.

The MS9710C features high power level accuracy, wide dynamic range, and high reception sensitivity.


Improved signal-to-noise measurement with left and right noise floor averaging
Tracking function with tunable laser source
Built in attenuator for high power optical input
Optional built in light source and reference wavelength
VGA output connector


The MS9710C can measure wavelength, power level, and SNR for up to 300 DWDM channels. It can also be used for PMD and EDFA noise floor measurements
Tunable Laser Source Tracking - This internal function eliminates the need for year external controller to make measurements using year Anritsu TLS.
Internal Light Sources - Optional LTC, light white, and wavelength reference light sources can be installed in the MS9710C to simplify measurements. Calibration with the built in reference source is a one-button operation

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