The The Best of Clint Langley

Art Collection
Author(s): Clint Langley, Clint Langley
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Dark Dragon Books, United Kingdom
Imprint: Dark Dragon Books
ISBN-13: 9789460781360, 978-9460781360


Dark Dragon Books has created this very special Art collection featuring the best works of todays popular artists working in the field of comics, paintings and gaming industry. Clint Langley is best known for his hyper realistic fantasy and Sci-fi art. He renders together flesh, muscle, bone, metal, sky and earth creating cinematic worlds of Warriors, Amazons, Dragons, Killer Robots, Aliens, Monsters and Horrors. Langley's art resides in a world where excitement, danger, and death are always close by. Reality and fantasy are perfectly blended in his marvellous art.