Deporting Black Britons

Portraits of Deportation to Jamaica
Author(s): Luke de Noronha
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Manchester University Press, United Kingdom
Imprint: Manchester University Press
ISBN-13: 9781526143990, 978-1526143990


In the last two decades, the UK has deported thousands of people to Jamaica. Many of these ?deportees? left the Caribbean as infants and grew up in the UK. Deporting Black Britons traces the life stories of four such men who have been exiled from their parents, partners, children and friends by deportation. It explores how ?Black Britons? survive once they are returned to Jamaica, and questions what their memories of poverty, racist policing and illegality reveal about contemporary Britain.

Based on years of research with deported people and their families, Deporting Black Britons presents stories of survival and hardship in both the UK and Jamaica. These intimate portraits testify to the damage wrought by violent borders, opening up wider questions about racism, belonging and deservingness in anti-immigrant times. -- .