snappy cat stitch markers.

Everyone loves a snappy dresser! This little guy is ready for a night of mischief and fun with his adorable bowtie and cool blue eyes! Sparkly faceted Czech glass accent beads glitter and gleam like his eyes at midnight! 4 adorable enameled cat charms to let everyone know where you're at! This set features small rings for fine needles. Prrrrfect for the cat food giver! Add a little kitty-love to your knitting!

My stitch markers are made with nickel-free/lead-free soldered rings so there are no ends to catch on delicate fibers. These rings will fit needles up to 3.5mm (US size 5), perfect for sock or lace weight yarn knitting! Set of 4.

Our progress keeper hooks do not bend! They are open just enough to comfortably slide through a stitch or two. They have a nice long loop so they don't slide off until you want to move it. The loop is big enough to run along your knitting needle like a ring marker too. So it has a dual function which makes it a slick alternative to just rings or just clips! Just please don't try to bend it open! It is not a removable marker. It has to slide on or off your needle just like an ordinary ring marker. If you try to pry it open wider it will break and we do not warranty against abuse.

Dangle stitch markers are more than just knitting needle jewelry! Dangle markers are much easier to maneuver from one needle to the other than single rings which are easily dropped and lost, and large bead markers which give you more bulk on your needles right at your stitches where you need it least! Dangle markers are a pleasure to move around and are lightweight as well as attractive! So go ahead and dress up your knitting project! Who said you can't be pretty and clever at the same time?

**Stitch markers are a choking hazard for children. Children should NEVER be allowed to use them as a toy! My stitch markers are NOT intended to be used by children!