Because everyone loves a good surprise! Our Mystery Bags are a super value limited quantity offering of 6 progress keeper hooks for $10! Once this mystery bag is gone they're gone!

This mystery bag is all stitch markers with hooks, perfect for either knitting or crochet! There are 6 beautiful markers in each bag and no duplicates!
The perfect gift for your favourite yarn crafter or maybe treat yourself?
My stitch markers are made with nickel-free/lead free smooth rings so there are no ends to catch on delicate fibres.

Dangle stitch markers are more than just knitting needle jewelry! Dangle markers are much easier to maneuver from one needle to the other than single rings which are easily dropped and lost, and large bead markers which give you more bulk on your needles right at your stitches where you need it least! Dangle markers are a pleasure to move around and are lightweight as well as attractive! So go ahead and dress up your knitting project! Who said you can't be pretty and clever at the same time?

**Stitch markers are a choking hazard for children. Children should NEVER be allowed to use them as a toy! My stitch markers are NOT intended to be used by children!