Britemax Metal Twins Small

You will receive two bottles, 1x Easy Cut 236ml / 8oz and 1x Final Shine 236ml / 8oz

RRP = £12.95 each, £25.90 for the pair.

Easy Cut - Heavy Cut Metal Polish & Metal Cleaner


Quickly and easily cleans rust from metal surfaces, Britemax Easy Cut is a metal polish that leaves a range of bare metals looking absolutely new. Capable of restoring metals such as aluminium, brass copper, magnesium, gold, silver, chrome and blended metals, Easy Cut breaks down light to heavy oxidation using a unique combination of solvents, chemicals and fine abrasives. Once treated with Easy Cut, problem areas suffering from surface corrosion are returned to their original unblemished state.

The majority of metal polishing products on the market take time and elbow grease to achieve results, Easy Cut is easily and quickly applied, producing fantastic results in minutes. Easy Cut's user-friendly nature means that it can even be applied to warm surfaces – such as exhausts, wheels, engine parts or brightwork – and it can also be applied in direct sunlight.

Once applied Easy Cut dries to the touch before being wiped away with ease, leaving no stubborn residue at all. The best rust remover around, even badly oxidized surfaces can be treated with Easy Cut – simply repeat the application and removal process a second time for dramatic results. Easy Cut is the best polish for aluminium and chrome, both commonly found on cars and motorbikes of all ages.

Britemax recommends that the application and removal of Easy Cut are followed with the brand's complementary product, Final Shine

Final Shine is a metal polish and sealant designed to provide a lasting chrome-like finish on stainless steel and aluminium. Britemax Easy Cut and Britemax Final Shine are affectionately known as the "Metal Twins" due to the fact that they complement one another so effectively when used in tandem. 

It should be noted that Easy Cut is not for use on plated or anodized metal surfaces. Easy Cut can also be used on plastic headlight lenses to clear oxidation, and glass to remove hard water spots and deposits.

Final Shine - Fine Metal Polish and Metal Sealant


Britemax Final Shine is a rust remover formulated to remove light oxidation and light to medium staining from bare metal, chrome and stainless steel surfaces. Final Shine can clean rusty surfaces, leaving them with a like-new mirror-polished finish. Final Shine imparts a protective resin polymer seal, this sealant affords metals protection from the elements (such as moisture, washing solvents, road grime and salt) together with dirt, providing a barrier to stop the build-up of rust in future.

Britemax Final Shine has a similar chemical formula to its sibling product, Easy Cut; it differs by replacing Easy Cut's dramatic cleaning power with the ability to impart a tangible, tough protective layer. Designed to create a show standard of finish, Final Shine continues to protect metal surfaces for months after application even when exposed to the harshest of environmental elements.

Thanks to Britemax Final Shine's non-binding user-friendly nature it is extremely easy to work with, the application can take place on warm surfaces – such as exhausts, wheels, engine parts or brightwork – and it can even be applied in direct sunlight.

For best results allow Final Shine to dry completely. When the residue is wiped away expect dramatic results with polished aluminium suddenly looking like chrome. For even more spectacular results try multiple applications of Final Shine as required.