Britemax CLEAN MAX Shampoo 946ml / 32oz

RRP = £13.95

Clean max pH Balanced Car Wash Shampoo


Britemax Clean Max pH Balanced Car Shampoo delivers highly focused cleaning power, easily removing tough grime while remaining gentle on paintwork and the environment. Formulated for hardworking daily driven vehicles, Clean Max is the best car shampoo for fast everyday maintenance, blending polymer and wax fortified surfactants which act in unison to disperse typical road dirt such as mud, insects and tar. Offering a further stage of cleaning power when compared with Britemax Pure Max Car Shampoo, Clean Max Car Shampoo provides maximum performance without stripping valuable surface protectants such as specialist waxes or clear coats from your vehicle's bodywork.

Clean Max lifts stubborn dirt particles from the vehicle's surface and guides them away with ease. Its formula incorporates a rapid sheeting characteristic which assists water in gliding off the vehicle's panels in one large 'sheet'. This leaves behind a clean surface with a significant reduction in water spots, decreasing the amount of elbow grease required during the drying and finishing stages of the car washing process. Those really pressed for time will be pleased to discover that Britemax Clean Max Car Shampoo imparts an element of wax protection, meaning that it is not necessary to routinely follow its use with the application of another time-consuming finishing product.

Clean Max Car Shampoo's special biodegradable formulation is pH-balanced, non-alkaline and phosphate free, making it safe on your vehicle, the environment and you. Despite its powerful cleaning ability and non-toxic formula, Clean Max Car Shampoo can be used sparingly compared with other car washing products thanks to its economical nature. Just a small amount mixed with water creates a generous proportion of high foam suds with a pleasant Grape scent – Clean Max can be used with a traditional bucket and wash mitt or sponge, or a high-pressure snow foam lance for fast and effective coverage.