Britemax Max Shine 473ml / 16oz

RRP = £16.95

High Gloss Liquid Polymer Carnauba Car Wax


Britemax Max Shine is a liquid wax delivering a super high gloss finish to cars, motorbikes, off-road and marine vehicles. Offering long-lasting protection from damaging environmental elements, Max Shine features a unique combination of Brazilian carnauba wax and montan wax blended with amino-functional polymers – macromolecules that work in groups with one another to collectively improve end results. Britemax Max Shine's impressive durability and user-friendly nature – it can even be applied in direct sunlight – marks it out as an essential product to regularly utilise as part of your car cleaning regime.

Carnauba wax, also known as Brazil or palm wax, in its natural state is harvested from the leaves of a certain species of palm tree native to North-East Brazil. Dried leaves are beaten to loosen the wax which, in its purest form, appears as hard yellow-ish flakes. These natural carnauba wax flakes are then refined and blended with polymers to create the wax paste used for cars. Britemax uses only the highest grade Brazilian carnauba wax. Montan wax, also known as lignite (soft coal) wax or OP wax, is a hard wax obtained from soft, sedimentary rock – in its natural unrefined state, it is either dark brown or light yellow in colour.

Suited to machine polishing application, Britemax Max Shine follows the modern trend towards liquid polymer or paste car waxes over their hard wax counterparts; liquid wax is both economical and easy to work with – a little goes a very long way. Importantly Britemax Max Shine does not leave a greasy residue behind – a common and frustrating issue with other thin liquid silicone waxes – which can result in users spending long periods reworking surfaces to obtain a clean and desirable finish.