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Britemax INTERIOR DRESSING Natural Gloss Dressing for Interior Car Detailing 709ml

As seen in Auto Express magazine, Britemax Interior Dressing is perfect for cleaning all car interior surfaces such as dashboards, vinyl, leather, trim rubbers and plastics. It is also suitable for use on all exterior parts, such as engine bays, classic car vinyl roofs, tyre sidewalls, plastic mouldings and bumpers – both plastic and metal. A non-greasy, anti-static, deep penetrating dressing, Britemax Interior Dressing contains no silicones, making it absolutely safe for use in a body shop environment. Of course, it is equally safe for use at home, and thanks to its biodegradable nature, it does not cause any environmental pollution.

Britemax Interior Dressing boasts a deep cleansing penetrating formula that assists in shifting stubborn dirt and interior stains – such as food and drink residue – to return them to their original factory look and feel. Many interior cleaning products leave behind a shiny, greasy and artificial finish; instead Interior Dressing provides a natural and protective gleam. Importantly this means that treated interior surfaces such as steering wheels, control stalks, buttons, remain free from slippery, greasy residue avoiding the danger of drivers losing grip on them. Though Interior Dressing will make dashboards shine, its natural finish will not leave them dazzling for drivers – dashboards that reflect onto windscreens in harsh or direct sunlight can impair vision and cause accidents. Interior Dressing is also resistant to static, meaning dust and dirt particles will not stick to treated surfaces following application.

Britemax Interior Dressing is the best interior cleaning and car interior dressing for those wishing to deep clean their car interior, but it is also an effective tool for those searching for a car interior detailing product, making it an ideal choice for those requiring a Concours finish, too.