You will receive 3x 100g Tins of Britemax CLAYMAX (300g)

RRP = £9.95 each per 100g (£29.85 value).

Chemical Resistant Clay Bar Car 100g


Using a clay bar to prepare your vehicle's surfaces for polishing treatments is an important part of achieving a mirror-like, silky smooth finish. However, despite being a professional-grade (medium strength) clay bar resistant to chemicals, users do not need to be professional detailers to master the effective use of a Britemax Claymax Clay Bar. So, what is a clay bar? Similar in form to the clay putty you might have used as a child, detailing clay – or car clay – is a workable resin compound that has been purposely developed to gently yet effectively remove unwanted contaminants from vehicle surfaces.

Designed to lift and remove obvious and microscopic contaminants of all kinds that have bonded themselves to your vehicle's bodywork, glass and alloy wheels, the Britemax Claymax Clay Bar eliminates with ease the likes of tree sap, road tar, bug residue, paint overspray and acid rain deposits – amongst other common impurities. The malleable nature of the Britemax Claymax Clay Bar allows it to reach inside surface pores unnoticeable to the naked eye, thoroughly cleaning them of any foreign matter. This ensures that during the later polishing or waxing stage, no contaminants will be picked up by cleaning cloths or polishing pads and subsequently dragged across the surface being treated, leading to unsightly scratches and swirl marks.

Importantly Britemax Claymax Clay Bar's chemical resistance means it is ideal for use with Cleaners & Iron Remover which acts as a complimentary lubricant. While tap water can also be used, the combination of an Iron remover and a Claymax clay bar allows users to remove organic and inorganic contaminants at the same time as eliminating iron particles – this saves valuable time for the user. With any tough bonded contaminants eradicated, Britemax Claymax Clay Bar ensures surfaces are left feeling silky smooth to the touch, promoting sub-sequent scratch and swirl-free polishing.

A safe and easy method of paint decontamination, Britemax recommends that the claying process is undertaken on a quarterly or six-monthly basis, typically to best prepare surfaces for the application of periodic wax and sealant coats – ensuring they last as long as possible.