8 HOUR LONG BURN 50PCS Pack Tea Night Lights Candles Superb Quality Unscented Tealights Nightlight

Burn Time: 8 Hours approx. Real 8 hour burn unlike many others online
High quality slow burning scent free tea light candles which burns neatly
Perfect for parties, weddings, restaurants. ideal for use in oil and wax tart burners
Shrink wrapped for convenience and cleanliness and preservation
White wax tea lights in a silver metal holder

The candle is made up of clean-burning cotton wick and unscented premium quality paraffin, can burn continuously up to 8 hours without any smoke or flickers
The metal holder makes sure you don’t have to worry about any wax drippings
Our long-lasting tealight candles are carefully made, without relying on any harsh chemicals or materials to bring you tea light romantic candles that you can use daily both safely and easily

Material: ‎Paraffin Wax
Colour: White
Per candle burning time: 8 hours

Package Content:
50x Tea Candle

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