Folks we are sponsoring this marvelous vintage Fender Bass guitar in the standard sunburst factory original finish. We resell the instruments in the condition we receive them in so this one needs detailed and new strings. I will mention here after I took the picture of the neck date of Aug 67 that the pic was blurry so it got deleted unintentionally. As a matter of fact we stabilized the odor with two scented dryer sheets as it has been stored in the Fender hard case for decades . The only thing from keeping the guitar from being 100 % original is the potentiometer which is attached to the case card intact. Electronics are all functional and after some needed detailing and some new strings the value will certainly increase for the owner . Fret wear is minimal and string height is respectable on it . Sounds Great and Plays Great as well. Shipping occurs after 3 business days for EFT to reach our banking facility and confirmation to that order. Thanks for your understanding and patience for this process to transpire.

PS: The chrome covers for the pickup and the bridge were in the case pocket

So those two covers were set on the guitar for pictures yet there were no small screws for those covers. I realize these are minor details but we mention what we can. In addition the guitar weighs in at a very respectful 8 pounds as I recall from initial inspection .