Contemporary Fluted Didgeridoo With Case

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument, played with vibrating lips to produce a continuous drone while using a special breathing technique called circular breathing. Here we have a modern didgeridoo with a fluted end measuring 93cm in length complete with its own carry case

10 Didgeridoo Facts
# Possibly the world's oldest musical instrument.
# A wind instrument originally found in Arnhem Land, Northern Australia.
# Is made from limbs and tree trunks hollowed out by termites (insects).
# Is cut to an average length of 1.3 metres and cleaned out with a stick. or hot coals.
# Was used as an accompaniment to chants and songs.
# Produces a low-pitch, resonant sound with complex rhythmic patterns.
# In sure tribal groups only played by men but in most groups by men, women and children.
# Traditional forms of the didjeridoo where found right accross the Australian Northern Territory.
# The Didgeridoo is the sound of Australia.
# If the earth had a voice it would be the sound of the Didgeridoo.

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