Notice: since these fans are hand made products  sometimes there are some inevitable tainted spots on fan veil. The edges of fan veil are not sewed usually.

The item are pair fans ( one pair fans are two fans: one left hand fan and one right hand fan).

The silk is high quality, which has the effect of being lighter and therefore floats better, giving a superior effect for the dance.

The ribs of the fan are high quality bamboo from the southern part of china, the fan veils are hand dyed 100% silk .

The bamboo ribs are 16 or 18 pieces. The length is 31cm (12inches).

The ribs width (opened) is 58.5cm (22.8inches), the silk veils width is 86cm (33.5inches), the total length is 1.5m (150cm) (58.5inches).

Item condition: totally new

we will present you a carry bag for each one pair fans.

If you once buy 10 pairs fans, we will present a gift(one pair fans random), shipping in one package.

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