Excellent Energy Analysis meter with external CT.
Read KWh, Voltage, Amps, Frequency, Watts, and more. Configurable communications module.
1  to 100 Amps Split core CT provided.
RS485 and pulse connections for AMR systems.
50 or 60 Hz.
Split Core CT allows to install the meter away from wires and without having to disconnect or cut wires.
Din rail standard to keep your meter(s) clean and organized.
We offer enclosure boxes with Din rail with room for up to 7 sub-meters.

Some details and specification about this sub meter:

Meter specifications

Voltage/current inputs

Nominal Voltage 230V AC  - It works with Voltages from 120 to 230 V AC

Voltage range (120-275)V

Power consumption 0.5W 2VA

Primary Current(A) 100A

Second input (mV) 330mV( Primary current=100A) RS485 cable AWG 18

Terminal flexible 1Xmm2 0-2.5mm2

General data

Frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Accuracy 0.1


Material ABS+PC

Weight 100g


Operating temperature -25°C +55°C

Storage temperature -40°C +70°C

Humanity 75% yearly average,95% on 30 days/year, non-condensing


Width (mm) 18

Height (mm) 104.5

Depth (mm) 88

Main functions:

     Measuring Function:

This smart meter can measure import active energy, export active energy, total active energy .

Import reactive and export reactive energy are available through the RS485 interface

Electricity parameters measurement:

Measured parameters from mains:

Voltage 0.5% of range maximum

Current 0.5% of nominal FS solid-core sensor and Current 1.0% of nominal FS open-core sensor

Frequency 0.2% of MID-frequency

Power factor 1.0% of unity (0.01)

Active power(W) +/- 1.0% of range maximum

Reactive power(VAr) +/- 2.0% of range maximum

Apparent power(VA)  +/- 1.0% of range maximum

Active energy(lei) Class B EN50470-3

Reactive energy (kvarh) +/- 2.0% of range maximum

Display function at power up, the smart meter will initialize and do a self-checking.

Full screen will last for 3 seconds

Software version It will last for 3 seconds

This smart meter has two status: cycle display status and button press display .When pressing the button, it will display total active energy, import active energy, export active energy, voltage, current, active power, frequency, power factor, Modbus id, baud rate , parity Lcd content

1 Total active energy

2 Import active energy

3 Export active energy

4 Voltage (V)

5 Current (A)

6 Active power(W)

7 Frequency

8 Power factor (PF)

9 Modbus id

10 Baud rate (example: 1200bps
Instantaneous values
Communication Functions:

The Smart meter provides a RS485 port for remote communications. Parameters can be selected from the set mode.

RS485 communications transfer rates can be selected at 1200bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, or 19200bps, default ls 9600bps.

Panty: None/Even, default is None.

Modbus address: 001255, default is 001

The max quantity  of meters on one  RS485  bus is 64 units, the longest communication distance is 1.2 Km.

Pulse output function The meter has two pulse output. Both outputs are passive type.
Pulse output 2 is configurable: constant can be selected: 0.001/0.01/0.1/1 imp/kWh or lmp/kvarh, default is limp/kWh.

Pulse width:60/100/200ms. Pulse output 1is fixed up with total kWh, Constant is 1000imp/kWh

Programming can be done by holding the key "SET" Pressing the "SET" key for at last 3 secs. starts the programming menu. The LCD will show the prompts.

The user can also program the meter parameters by sending commands via the RS485 port

Wiring diagram ports as labeled in the meter:

1/2 CT In/Out
3/4 Phase/Neutral
5/6 SO1 1000 imp/kWh
7/6 SO2 Configurable
8/9/10 RS485 Communication contact
      TX/RX(+) Terminal 10
      TX/RX(-) Terminal 9
      G485 (_|_)  Terminal 6

Meter instantaneous values displayed.

Parameters analyzed and kept in memory available to transmit to a computer via RS485 ModBus  with data fields by numbers:

Main parameters:

1 Voltage
2 Frequency
3 Current
4 Active power
5 Apparent power
6 Reactive power
7 Power factor

Total energy accumulator:

8 Import active energy
9 Import reactive energy
10 Reserve (default 0) v
11 Export active energy
12 Export reactive energy
13 Total active energy

Production data and Identification

14 Serial number
15 Manufacture code
16 Type code
17 Hardware version
18 Software version
19 Reference voltage
20 Reference current
21 SO1 Constant
22 SO2 Output mode:
      0000: kWh
      0001: kvarh

23  SO2 Output data programmed:
    0.001 kWh/imp
    0.01 kWh/imp
    0.1 kWh/imp
    1 kWh/imp (default)

24  SO2 pulse width:
     0000 60ms
      0001 100ms 0002 200ms (default)

25   Active energy measurement type
       01 : Total import
       04 : Total export

       05 : Total import+Export
       06 : Total Export-Import
       09 : Total Import-Export

26  Modbus id

27  Baud rate Hex(04BO) 1200bps Hex(0960) 2400bps Hex(1 2C0) 4800bps Hex(2580) 9600bps Hex(4BOO) 19.2kbps

28  Network Parity Stop
     0000: None parity /  0001: Even parity

29  Clear energy