This listing is for 3 books in total
A matching numbered pair of books. The Bard from Ballarat Volume one and Volume two.
As well as the collection of poems (no photographs) 52 : The Bard from Ballarat

Published in 2013 The Bard from Ballarat Volume One and Volume Two were birthed after a discussion between Neville Hiatt and his then psychologist about his need for a project to give voice to his creative talents. It was a project that without exaggeration helped to save his life.

Each copy is hand numbered and limited to 1,000 copies.

Volume 1 Includes Poems:
To the Lady of the Lake
To the Son I never knew
Route 66
So this is Xmas
The Matrix

Volume 2 Includes Poems:
Mr Snail
Pictures of You
Walking Tall
Muse 2003
If you were my rib

52 : The Bard from Ballarat was released in 2015 and is an open print run.

52 contains 52 (ish) previously unreleased (ish) poems written over 52 (ish) weeks. This collection is the follow up to his poetry collections released in 2013.

You could sum them all up with this one

My Heart For You

May every beat of my heart
Breathe of my love for you
May every note I write sooth your soul
May you find peace within these words
May your troubles be like rain nourishing the earth
May you find beauty in every step you take

Or you could open the cover and discover the true depth of my heart for you.

I may never know the impact these words may have in your life.

Though I would be honored for you to share any part of your journey with me.

Neville Hiatt is an Australian poet who has been published in Australia and USA.

Printed in Australia.

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