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10 x Schurter 0.25A T Surface Mount Fuse 3404.2410.22, 125V dc, 250V ac
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DR-25 Heat shrink Tubing (Shrink Ratio 2:1)

Robust and flexible heat shrink tubing. It protects wires and cables against damage from chemicals, abrasion, and fluids. The tubing is ideal for use in high temperature environments as it has been specially designed for long term heat resistance and is flame retardant.

Features and Benefits
• Offers excellent protection and insulation 
• Provides strain relief
• Performs well under long-term heat exposure
• The tubing is printed with the product description and size
• Shrink ratio of 2:1
• Use with System 25 range products for a complete cable harness system


VG95343 Part 5 Type D, VDE 0341/Pt 9005, AMS-DTL-23053/16, BS36-198 Part 3 10A.


High Temperature

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Sleeve Diameter9.5mm
Shrunk Diameter4.8mm
Sleeve TypeHeat Shrink
Shrink Ratio2:1
Sleeve Length10m
Minimum Operating Temperature-75°C
Maximum Operating Temperature+150°C
Dielectric Strength8kV/mm
  • BMUK Part # :-761-7627
  • BrandMicrochip
  • Mfr. Part No.MCP7940M-I/SN
Product Details

MCP7940M I²C Real-Time Clock/Calendars

The Microchip MCP7940M is Real-Time Clock Calendar (RTCC) that supports I²C communications. The MCP7940M includes a digital trimming circuit for accuracy which can compensate for crystal tolerance and temperature.

The MCP7940M features a multi-functional output that can be configured as an alarm output, to output a selectable frequency square wave or as a general purpose output.



2-Wire Serial Interface, I²C™ Compatible: I²C clock rate up to 400 kHz
On-Chip Digital Trimming/Calibration: ±1 ppm resolution, ±129 ppm range
Tracks Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Day of Week, Day, Month and Year
Leap Year Compensated to 2399
12/24 Hour Modes
Oscillator for 32.768 kHz Crystals: Optimised for 6-9 pF crystals
Dual Programmable Alarms
Versatile Output Pin
Wide Operating Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.5V
Low Typical Timekeeping Current: 1.2μA at 3.3V


Real Time Clock Peripherals - Microchip

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FunctionsCalendar, NV SRAM
Date FormatDW:DM:M:Y
Time FormatHH:MM:SS
User RAM64B
Bus TypeSerial-I2C
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package TypeSOIC
Pin Count8
Dimensions4.9 x 3.9 x 1.25mm
Maximum Operating Supply Voltage5.5 V
Minimum Operating Supply Voltage1.8 V
Maximum Operating Temperature+85 °C
Minimum Operating Temperature-40 °C