After multiple years of selling out my Limited Edition Calendars for the very first time I've released A3 sized archival quality prints as an extremely limited edition of 4.

Each photograph is A3 sized printed on 16"x20" archival quality paper.

The details of which month of which Four Seasons Calendar is featured in the centre underneath each image, with my digital signature and the edition of the print in the right hand corner.

Choose your favourite month or the front cover image.

Front Cover - An Echidna among the gum leaves on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia
January - This photograph is grainy, it will be printed grainy. I had to max out the settings to capture the bird in flight. If you want a sunrise that isn't grainy order the Autumn - January photograph shot from Burrabogie Island, looking at Raymond Island Victoria, Australia
February - A Kangaroo lounging about on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia
March - A Rosella against a cloudless sky on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia
April - A flowering gum tree in Paynesville, Victoria, Australia
May - The floating tin shed that is an iconic attraction in Paynesville, Victoria, Australia. It is home to a live band on public holiday weekends.
June - An iconic Australian Magpie on Burrabogie Island, Victoria, Australia
July - An Amanita muscaria among the Autumn leaves in the Bairnsdale Botanical Gardens, Victoria, Australia
August - A temporary artwork. Someone had painted a fish on a piece of bark and I was walking by with camera in hand as it was floating by in the water between Burrabogie Island and Paynesville, Victoria, Australia
September - The sound of a Kookaburra is synonymous with Australia. I shot these while doing the koala walk on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia
October - Yes I was close. No I didn't touch the koala. Yes they look cute and cuddly, they are also wild animals. If you don't want someone walking into your house and touching you, don't touch them. If you do want that still don't. Otherwise enjoy trying to spot as many as you can on Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia
November - I'd originally included a photograph for this month featuring the signets riding on it's parents back. The industrial looking boat backdrop of that image didn't feel right with the rest of the calendar so it got switched out for this one featuring some newly hatched signets, and an egg yet to hatch still be guarded by a black swan on Burrabogie Island, Victoria, Australia
December - A long exposure Sunset from Raymond Island looking back towards the mainland, Victoria, Australia

The Calendars sold out, don't miss out on owning a larger version of the calendar photographs printed by one of my most trusted photograph printers.

Each photograph is a limited edition of 4.

Four Seasons 2022 will be officially launched at the 2021 Ballarat International Foto Biennale.