PH11-Spanish Love Songs

Mio                                                Spanish Love Songs           PH11-1

Un Hombre Secreto                      Spanish Love Songs           PH11-2

Como La Flor                                Spanish Love Songs           PH11-3

La Carcacha                                 Spanish Love Songs           PH11-4

Hablame de Frente                       Spanish Love Songs           PH11-5

Mi Media Mitad                             Spanish Love Songs           PH11-6

Mujer Pequena                             Spanish Love Songs           PH11-7

Calido Y Frio                                 Spanish Love Songs           PH11-8

A Veces Tu A Veces                      Spanish Love Songs           PH11-9

Abrazame                                      Spanish Love Songs         PH11-10

Cerca De Ti                                   Spanish Love Songs          PH11-11

Sugar Sugar                                  Spanish Love Songs         PH11-12

This disc is brand new and forms part of a bulk order during our time as karaoke retail traders. Some discs were delivered without inserts and others included lyric sheets but in all cases the discs are genuine originals and as delivered to us. The discs are in CD+G format (CD with lyrics) ie the music can be heard using a normal CD player, but a player with Graphics enhancement is needed for the words to be seen on-screen. Additionally, the discs are multiplex meaning that by use of an audio or balance control button they can be switched between non-vocal and guide vocal options. All songs are quality professional re-creations in the style of the listed artists and not original recordings. Occasionally, the odd track may differ from that listed usually due to licensing issues. We rely on our reputation and customer satisfaction for continuing orders so invite customers to contact us on any aspect of our business if they are not fully satisfied. Thanks.