Here for sale are these beautifully manufactured Ntools branded spray guns. This high quality spray gun is a new style from the manufacturer that uses technical design features of the walcom style spray gun types with a futuristic style spray gun body.

The fluid tip, air cap design, needle and control knobs resemble similar to a Walcom style spray gun, with an air hole orientation similar to a RP style cap. The integrated air inlet and control is similar to a DV1 design.

The spray fan is a nice large consistent pattern with a height of approximately 280-300mm.

The gun body design is futuristic, alloy with lightweight black alloy control knobs. The coating is a lovely green anodised finish. Spray trigger is butter smooth, positive and the balance in the hand feels great. These are nicer than the price suggests!

This listing includes;

- Ntools Hsv1 Pro spray gun with 1.3mm fluid tip and 600cc White Plastic pot

- Gun spanner, filter, cleaning brush

- generic instructions

** please note PPS adapter and cup shown in first pic is for demonstration purposes only, it is NOT included in this listing. The adapter is available for purchase separately **

1.3mm setup is perfect for automotive basecoats both solvent and water, metallic and pearls, 2K Clearcoats and solid colour direct gloss and 2K wet on wet primer surfacers and sealers.

These guns really lay down waterborne automotive basecoat nicely with a soft fan and great atomisation, check out the pic

These guns are manufactured in the Far East but don’t let that deter you as the quality is great! As an experienced and qualified automotive spray painter I check each gun for correct operation to ensure you receive a gun that actually works! Plenty of people will sell them and not know what they’re looking at let alone ever filled one with paint or even know how to use them.

I have stock here in Brisbane. You’re not buying from someone who’s pretending to be in Australia. You’re not buying from a shopfront who employs someone who’s never painted anything in their life. I post your sale as quick as possible to ensure you get your purchase as quick as our “wonderful” postal service can get it to you.

If you’re an automotive spray painter and looking for a back up colour gun or a wet on wet primer gun to complement your lineup these are a great choice that won’t break the bank. Perfect for apprentices to decide if this gun style works for you!

If you’re restoring a car at home and tackling DIY jobs on the car these are perfect. They deliver the design and performance of an elite level spray gun without the elite price tag. I know myself it is hard to justify spending big money on a tool you might only use a couple of times a year but you want to achieve a great result.

These guns fill that void that’s in today’s market...the big box auto chain stores don’t seem to have any spray guns on the shelf that’s not 40 year old technology and design and walking into a paint suppliers and asking to see the elite guns at elite prices can be difficult for some.

Please feel free to ask any questions, I love talking spray guns and am happy to assist even if you don’t buy one from me.

Postage is within Australia in an Aus Post satchel, check feedback which shows I post as soon as possible!

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** Spray gun stand not included **