Will Sheridan Jr, ‘how did you want me to behave’

London, New Jersey, Youth Club. Fashion Milan Paris London. Denying the neatness of consumption of images, these photos do not take cover behind a fabrication of materials. Think about my think about my think about my. There is nowhere to hide. The question r u okay

‘how did u want me to behave’ is Masterpieces’s first publication in association with Will Sheridan Jr (born 1988, Brussels). It contains 60 photographic collages reproduced to scale; distorting and exaggerating the particularly gendered and sexualised landscape of our popular culture with a mirror that looks back at our own lives in domestic and city life.

Masterpieces operates from London and publishes books and editions in collaboration with artists.

60 pages, 30 × 42 cm, hardbound

ISBN 978-1-3999-5701-4