Trusty Christmas Advent Calendar Dog Treats


    Trusty Dog Treats Advent Calendar is a great way to treat your dog during the festive season. With Christmas Tree shaped treats that are chicken with cranberry Flavour, as well as star shaped treats that are beef and rosemary flavour. Trusty snacks and treats are great for training and rewarding your dog, but for optimum health take care not to give your pet too many treats; this product is intended for use only as a pet treat and not as a complete meal. Furthermore, make sure your pet is supervised whilst eating one of our treats, and that clean, fresh water is always available. Always play it safe when it comes to your Dog. Like Humans, young and old, some Dogs can have sensitivities to different foods. Always get Veterinary advice is you are unsure what is best for your Dog. We strongly recommend that – all treats must be fed under supervision, because some dogs (and certain dog breeds) can tend to chomp and gulp the product down without fully crunching or chewing up the product before swallowing. If a particular dog (or a particular dog breed) is prone to this, then the owner should consider feeding an alternate or softer treat from the Trusty range to their dog. It is your responsibility to know what Treats and Foods are suitable for your Dog. Get Veterinary Advice if unsure.
    • Christmas tree shaped chicken and cranberry flavour
    • Star shaped beef and rosemary flavour
    • 100% Australian made









    Suitable forDog
    Treat TypeMeaty
    Australia Made (Yes/No)Yes

Package Content

    1 x Trusty Christmas Advent Calendar Dog Treats





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