Please Note. Photo is wrong. Content as listed under is correct for SAVA16


Devil Woman                                           Marty Robbins                                                   A16-1

El Paso                                                    Marty Robbins                                                   A16-2

My Woman My Woman My Wife             Marty Robbins                                                   A16-3

D.I.V.O.R.C.E .                                        Tammy Wynette                                                A16-4

Stand By Your Man                                  Tammy Wynette                                                A16-5

For The Good Times                                Ray Price                                                          A16-6

Heartaches By The Number                    Ray Price                                                          A16-7

Looking For Love                                     Johnny Lee                                                       A16-8

Delta Dawn                                              Tanya Tucker                                                    A16-9

Satin Sheets                                             Jeannie Pruett                                                A16-10

Take This Job & Shove It                          Johnny Paycheck                                           A16-11

Why Me                                                     Kris Kristofferson                                           A16-12

Daydreams About Night Things                Ronnie Milsap                                                A16-13

Stranger In My House                               Ronnie Milsap                                                A16-14

Luckenbach, Texas                                   Waylon Jennings                                           A16-15

It Turns Me Inside Out                               Lee Greenwood                                             A16-16

Just In Case                                              Forester Sisters                                              A16-17

Broken Lady                                              Larry Gatlin                                                      A16-18

Kansas City Lights                                    Steve Warner                                                  A16-19

These discs are genuine and original and are in CD+G format (CD with lyrics) ie the music can be heard using a normal CD player, but a player with Graphics enhancement is needed for the words to be seen on-screen.All songs are quality professional re-creations in the style of the listed artists and not original recordings and all discs are brand new unless otherwise stated. Some discs are, however, occasionally received from a supplier without the cellophane wrapper. We rely on our reputation and customer satisfaction for continuing orders so invite customers to contact us on any aspect of our business for this brand, or any other brands, songs and artists. dudldeals.