This blue t-shirt, made of soft cotton, is a unique sample that showcases the art of Neville Hiatt. The short-sleeved shirt is designed for men and comes in size L, suitable for regular wear. The eye-catching graphic on the front of the shirt features the book cover of "Algunas mas cortas que otras" by an acclaimed author. This t-shirt is perfect for book lovers who appreciate the fusion of art and literature. Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind shirt and make a statement with your wardrobe.

Never to be printed again in this exact configuration due to redbubble deleting my store the day after the order for these shirts was placed. The original artwork is now available else where, on other merchandise, in a similar yet not exactly the same configuration. I'll continue to blog about the ongoing saga of being cancelled by these companies.

If you want the shirt in the photograph direct from the authors personal collection place your bid or buy it now. This is your opportunity to buy the shirt off my back, literally.