Alphabet Blocks Wood Wooden Building Block Bucket Lid Handle VTG Toy 50+ Pieces ~ for your own collection

This vintage wooden bucket with a lid and handle is filled with alphabet blocks from the Forever Toys brand. The blocks are perfect for children and adults of all ages! Use to display, or promote early learning and imaginative play - or both!. The character family of Forever Toys is included, adding to the charm of this unique and rare item. The blocks  are a great addition to any collection of vintage and collector toys

Notice the unique period photos of the kids on the label

What a great way for children learn to play and build with real wood and creative designs from collectable treasures

When shipping with boxes, I ship with repurposed, recycled boxes that have been previously used. The box may be irregular. I may customize a re-cut, resized "Frankenbox" to achieve a certain size or shape. It may have erroneous markings and it may not be the prettiest one out there :) Using right-sized, recyclable packaging minimizes waste, SAVES COSTS TO THE BUYER, and helps ensure damage-free delivery. I strive to optimize the type of material and weight needed to deliver products safely