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3 Collagen C Hydrolysate. 120 capsules.EACH

New & Sealed total 360 capsules

CONTAINS BEAUTY, HAIR, SKIN, AND NAILS VITAMINS. - Our Vitamium premium collagen complex, Formula blend contains Vitamin C with Biotin . Which is the perfect supplement containing all the vital collagen proteins needed to slow down aging, gain smooth skin, promote thick and full hair, nails growth, and natural joint support.
·      ALL-IN-ONE MULTI COLLAGEN PROTEIN CAPSULES – Vitamisan organic Vitamin collagen dietary supplements provide premium collagen peptide pills that feature a blend of 100%  bovine , chicken, eggshell and marine collagen sources, including Types I, II, III, V & X and contain no hormones or antibiotics.( hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, hydrolyzed bovino bone broth peptide, hydrolyzed chicken collangen , hydrolyzed marine collagen . Eggshell collagen{ (  5 types collangen , I, ii,iii,iv.v and x (Though the first three types of collagen are the most abundant in the body and the most commonly found  in supplements, some of the lesser-seen types—notably types V and X—are also important for key body functions. Type V collagen helps form cell membranes and the tissue in women’s placentas, while type X plays a crucial role in bone formation. Type V collagen is usually sourced from the membranes of eggshells, type X is made from chicken and bovine sources)}
·      TRUSTED FORMULA- Vitamium products are professionally formulated and manufactured following strict CGMP guidelines and independently tested by a 3rd party laboratory for maximum safety, purity, and quality.
·      PROMOTES ANTI-AGING AND VITALITY –Our premium collagen complex dietary supplement helps support your body’s needs with our collagen peptide pills that help rejuvenate the skin and improve tendons joints, ligaments, and muscles and promotes a proper functioning digestive system that helps you regain your youthful vitality with our Multi Collagen Peptides Pills.
·      PREMIUM QUALITY - Each Vitamium collagen hydrolysate pill is enhanced with DigeSEB for efficient collagen absorption.

Collagen C Hydrolysate is a nutritional supplement that helps the muscle development, the rejuvenation of the skin and hair, as well as flexibility and resistance of cartilage and bones.   
Benefits of Collagen
The active ingredient is a protein found naturally in almost all tissues of the body and decreases with aging. This substance allows the formation and integrity of organs such as skin, tendons, bones, cartilage, muscles, blood vessels, nails, eyesand internal organs. It is a vital element for flexibility and resistance in the body, as it connects its functions and helps retain the necessary liquid.
Physical activity, diet, body weight and various health conditions affect the wearing of cartilage, the strength of bones, muscles and tendons; the elasticity of skin and the fragility of nails and hair.
Collagen Hydrolysate
The formula is the result of a process known as hydrolysis which minimizes the size of protein molecules. That facilitates an optimal absorption for metabolism. The formula includes Vitamin C, which is necessary for the formation of collagen and a better assimilation in the body.
Features of the supplement Collagen Hydrolysate with Vitamin C
Made in USA
Contains in natural form the collagen protein
It is hydrolyzed for better absorption in the body
Formulated with vitamin C which stimulates the formation and assimilation of collagen  
Supports the health of bones and body tissues
promotes elasticity of joints and the quality of skin, nails and hair

Premium Quality - Made in USA
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