This listing is for 1), 2) or BOTH


The delivery of ANY item or group of items bought at the same time from ANY of my listings can be upgraded to a NEXT WORKING DAY Delivery Service for a single payment of £5. Select 'Special Delivery' from the drop down menu. 


Also, this listing is because I have many items that may or may not be listed by me on e bay, I often get asked for a diverse combination of items. My focus is on Mamod engines with some SEL, Wilesco and Bowman parts. I do not have many spares for trains or boats.

For Builds, Parts,Servicing or Repairs, please ask for a quote. Be as specific as possible in your requirements. 

For how to order please see the 'Process' below.


To supply specific Parts, Servicing or Repairs I can put together a 'Bespoke Package'.
I can build some NEW parts to order. Please be specific and include photos.

For how to order please see the 'Process' below.


These can include:
For how to order please see the 'Process' below.


These can include:
  • Replacement of parts which are supplied by you or me.
  • Re-soldering.
  • Boiler cap repairs/replacement.
  • Bush repairs and replacements.
  • Aging the appearance of parts.
  • Limited repainting, using HT paint where necessary.
  • Replacing decals.
For how to order please see the 'Process' below.


Thus, this listing is to enable the sale of a group of parts, servicing or repairs requested by a buyer where the sale price is agreed in advance with the buyer.


Stage 1: Contact me and tell me the items to be sent by Special Delivery AND/OR the parts/service/repair you are looking for.

Stage 2: I confirm which parts I can supply and at what cost with discounts where I can. Once agreed I send you a photo of the parts or service to be performed. If I cannot supply parts then I shall put your requirement on my 'Wish List' and will contact you should they become available.

Stage 3: The Pack No drop down menu at the top of the listing offers 12 'Packs' in £5 increments. You buy the pack from this listing at or (if the cost falls between two pack levels) above the agreed price. e.g. £30, you select Pack 6. £32 you choose Pack 7 and I shall refund the £3 difference.

Stage 4: On receipt of payment, I send your item(s) and refund any difference.

Postage from you to me is at your expense, and from me to you will be at Royal Mail first class rates included in the quote up to 2kg. If you want a higher level of delivery please request that and again I can build the cost in to the quote.

Any pictures of any items on this listing are displayed and sold by prior agreement ONLY with a specific buyer. They are not for general sale.

In this way, e bay will receive the commission for the introduction/processing, and the buyer receives exactly the goods or services they want without having to buy job lots which may include many items they do not want.


A few examples of bespoke builds are in the pictures. These jobs have been completed to the customers specification and satisfaction. The images are displayed with their consent.

20/12/20: Because this listing is unusual, I have asked e bay to check it does not infringe any of their policies. They confirmed that it does not.

If you are based outside of the UK, please indicate this from the outset.