Brand new official Miyoo Mini Plus 128GB for sale

The newly released device Miyoo Mini Plus has many new features over the previous Mini which sold out worldwide.

Package Includes:

1x Miyoo Mini Plus + Console
1x Micro SD Card (Upgraded Lexar 128GB Card)
1x Official Miyoo Case
1x Screen Protector
1x Box Packaging
1x USB-C Charging Cable
1x Instructions Manual
1x USB Reader

Excellent gift for family and friends,

All of the apps, themes, game art, covers and icons are updated so you can have a truly retro experience!

We have removed unwanted files and upgraded everything including the memory card to a high quality card.

A video guide has also been installed so you can learn about the other hidden features of the device and we update it with the latest version.

What's different with our consoles?

We upgrade the micro SD card and don't use the awful ones provided from other sellers with the stock version and unlike other sellers, we optimise everything so it works straight out of the box!

All the apps and extras that are not normally included in the stock version have been added, with over 30k of classics, 80 themes to choose from, and updated with latest Onion O/S (4.3 as of FEB 24)

Disclaimer: the software included with the system is open-source and available to the public. 

We do not claim ownership of this software and we are not charging for such software, only for the labour and service required to assemble the system together.

Our consoles are specifically configured to perform better than the stock versions but as everyone's tastes differ, some tinkering may be required to make it perfect for yourself.

Item will be sent via Royal Mail post and usually arrives within 1-2 days if ordered before 12pm

If you require a more advanced console, please check out our other listings.

Note: Please be aware of other sellers using our advert and logo and pretending to be UK sellers

We do not ship from China, so if you see a similar advert with our name, it isn't us!

We are the genuine Vintage Retro Games!

Grab it before it sells out!