Ticket stubs saved in a keepsake box from a family estate. Estimated to date back to the 1930's, but most of the stubs don't have dates. For their age, they are in good condition, but not pristine. They all show wear. Buyer accepts condition as-is. Details below:

1. Mirror Room. Hotel Philadelphian. Room information. One sided. Show wear. It has been folded and has creases. 
2. Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery Admission Ticket. May 20, 1933. In excellent condition. Doesn't look like it was redeemed. Complete ticket. Front and back.
3. Steamer J.S. De Luxe coupon. Two sided. No date. Has deep, significant crease down the middle. In fair condition. 
4. Cotton Club info card. Two sided. In good condition. Just a bit of wear around the edges and slight staining on front.