For sale is 2015 Thor Tuscany XTE 34ST Class A Diesel Pusher Motorhome. This motorhome is on a Freightliner XC chassis with a 360hp, and 800 torque Cummins engine. It is approximately 35 feet long, has 3 slides with one mega slide, has 19,075 miles on it, 100 gallon fuel tank, 91 gallon fresh, 51 gallon grey and 51 gallon black. GVWR weight is 32,000 lbs and has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. Motorhome features two electric awnings (one missing), Backup camera and side cameras, full body paint, fiberglass roof, washer/dryer prep, solar, newer tires and much more. Inside features large kitchen with residential refrigerator. In the rear is the master bedroom with a walkaround king bed. Large bathroom has a spacious shower. Built in Onan 7,500K  generator. Please see over 200 pictures below.

The coach has a California Salvage Certificate due to theft damage. Used generator was installed with approximately 800 hours. DEF tank was installed, and all newer appliances. Coach is missing the couches, most of the TV's, hydraulic pump, generator exhaust, shower glass, and door awning. Original solar controller burned up causing burn damage on the inside of the cabinet. Coach also has cosmetic exterior nicks and scratches. Please see pictures of damages below. Motorhome is now located in Rocklin, California, runs and drives great. Motorhome is sold AS-IS by a dealer that specializes in branded RVs. It is currently not registered. All California Buyer must pay sales tax, varies by residence. Feel free to make me an reasonable offer and call me or text with any additional questions at 916-343-3437 (Paul) and visit our website at Thank you!! 

I am also advertising this coach locally and other websites and reserve the right to cancel the listing early, so if you are interested, make an offer don't wait till the end of the listing

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