This is an original example of Japanese / Asian pyography (or wood burning art). It's not a copy.  Of course, it has been created on a live edge natural slab of wood.  The wood looks to be cherry by the color.   The grain patterns, the growth rings, and especially the color of the wood seem to indicate that the wood used here is cherry. 

The scene is of an ancient city built upon a river.  I like how the structures are cantileverd out over the bank of the river.  Take notice of how the artist used the natural "existing" wood grain of the wood to show movement within the river.  The cobble bricks in the foreground and descending into the mid-background give the art scale and form. The piece has the stamp of the artist in the uppermost center of the piece.  The backside has a hanger in place and ready for wall hanging. You can see the measurements of this piece in the photos.  The hanging is about an inch thick of solid wood. 

I will package this artwork with great care for shipping.  Shipping will be USPS., or FedEx. I ship to all of the lower 48 states.