Microphone feature

1.UHF metal wireless microphone

UHF band chip, high frequency radio wave, stable transmission, anti-interference, no serial frequency and continuous frequency

2.Big microphone pickup.High fidelity sound quality.

Large pickup area, full sound quality and effective anti-interference

3.3D textured alloy mesh head, anti-collision, anti fall, corrosion resistance, built-in high-density sponge mesh to improve the effect of sound filtering and noise reduction

Feature for mixer

1.One click on anti whistling.

Advanced feedback suppression anti squealing module is adopted.Built in all digital frequency shift processor.It can effectively suppress the whistling sound.Press one button to eliminate annoying howling noise and sing more happily.

2.More professional audio processor.Fast operation with classical sound algorithm.The stable power supply voltage makes the sound more smooth, delicate and soft.Let the music and voice reach the singing level through adjustment

3.Digital reverberation / high and low bass adjustable.Reverberation / microphone / music high and low bass can be adjusted independently.The song is exquisite and beautiful, with rich telepresence. The hidden knob is not easy to touch, and the adjustment is more accurate

4.USB audio transmission and playback.Mp3 audio files can be downloaded into the ∪ disc and directly inserted into the of the effector υ Enjoy your favorite music with USB slot

5.Wireless Bluetooth transmission high-speed Bluetooth transmission, with Bluetooth enhanced antenna behind it, which makes the distance no longer bound, and supports most digital high speed Bluetooth with Bluetooth function on the market.

6.Superior optical fiber performance.It supports a variety of audio transmission modes, which is convenient and fast, and all audio can be transmitted easily

Package list:

Karaoke mixer*1

Connection cables:Carno to RCA *2

Power cable*1

Wired microphone*1