Mainly 8-9 Grades All Grades from 1-9.5 are available 

Pokemon Trading Card Game OFFICIAL

Our Cards are 100% Real/Official/Authentic
Authenticated By the grading companies PSA, CGC & BGS
The 3 Best Grading Companies for Pokemon by far. 

You will be GUARANTEED in each lot:

10 PSA CGC or BGS Graded Card Pokemon card slabs total!

Now guarantees 1 10 grade in each lot of 10 

You will be Guaranteed  

AT LEAST 3 PSA & 3 CGC cards. The Last 4 will Be 1-4 PSA CGC or BGS cards.

There will be NO duplicates. It will be based on what I have.

Mainly English and Japanese maybe other languages.

This lot is perfect if you want to have some fun and add some graded cards to your collection at an insanely cheap price. And you don't have to wait 

months to get it back.

This lot is perfect if you want to sell graded card individually since this lot is insanely cheap. You can ship cheaply with stamped lettermail.

Also perfect If you want to send people gifts.

PSA Charges $15 USD, BGS $16 USD & CGC $15 USD for their cheapest Bulk services and It takes several months to get it back. You also have to pay shipping twice if you send your cards to them. And psa requires extra yearly subscription fee.

With this get it back in around 1 month.

No more energies!

This can be great if you do games on What Not

How is this possible?:

I have bought thousands of graded cards from other collectors below the grading cost fee.

If you want to buy in quantities of 100 Slabs or more than we can make a deal if I have them available.

Cards range from Pokemon Sets & Promos - , Gen 1 to Gen 8 and Beyond

FREE tracked shipping for orders in Canada and USA

We also have many other bulk wholesale lots if interested.

I get consistent supply of pokemon cards every month so message me if you want some.

We also have a lot of different bulk wholesale lots, including

-10000 Common Uncommon lot

-1000 Holo/Reverse Holos Lot

-100 PSA/CGC Graded Slab lot

-10 PSA 10 Graded Slab lot

-1000 V Ultra rare card lot

-100 VMAX/VSTAR/VFA lot English Version and Japanese Version

And more!

Contact me if you have any more questions!