MPPT Grid Tie Inverter DC18V/24V/36V to AC230V Pure Sine Wave Inverter With LCD

Product Description

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  • Send from NSW,AU,2-6 working days delivery with tracking.

  • LCD display,remote meter

  • Automatic identify the inverter, and display relevant parameter data and system working status

    Screen data : ac voltage,current and frequency,generating capacity,power factor

  • AU plug as picture show

  • 600W/1000W/1300W MPPT grid tie inverter,pure sine wave inverter.50/60HZ AUTO.

  • 10.5-30V : use for 18v  solar panel.

  • 20 - 45V  ; use for 24v solar panel.

  • 1. The inverter is designed to handle PV panels as input source only and will not work with batteries/wind turbines as input source.

  • 2. The 18V inverter panel Voc voltage needs to be less than 31V. For 24V/36V inverter panels, the Voc voltage needs to be more than 31V but less than the maximum PV input (as updated by the inverter).

  • 3. The minimum power for solar panels should be half the power of the inverters.

  • 4. If the red LED light on or all LED lights are off, please contact us first. Sometimes replacing some AC or DC side parts can make the item work again.

  • 5. Before using the item, please make sure that all connections are tight. Otherwise, the product may short circuit.

  • 6. The fan will turn on when the temperature inside the item reaches 38 degrees.

  • 7. Please make sure that the item is in a good environment for cooling.


10.8-30V Version
Rated Power600W/1000W/1300W
Solar Panels36 cells/18V
DC Input Range10.8-30V
MPPT Voltage15-23VDC
AC Output230V(190-260V)
Power Factor>97.5%
Stand-by Power<1W
CertificationCE RoHS

  • 20-45V Version
    Rated Power600W/1000W/1300W
    Solar Panels60/72 cells ; 30V/36V
    DC Input Range20V-45V
    MPPT Voltage26-36VDC
    AC Output 230V(190-260V)
    Power Factor>97.5%
    Stand-by Power<1W
    CertificationCE RoHS