New upgrade features:


ECHO Function.The player is built with mixing amplifier function ,wireless microphone is included.No need to match other mixer, amplifier and microphone.It could directly drive passive loudspeaker.10'' high grade passive speaker is included, After connecting could sing directly

1.High standard quality parts:The player is made of high grade parts and capacitance touch screen. High speed 8 core hiss chip.The running speed is very fast and the screen is very sensitive.

2.Upgrade system online: The player support online upgrade system.If the player have new function developed.the system will hint upgrade,So the player won’t be obsolete forever

3.Download songs from cloud .There are more than 600K different language songs(Mandarin,Cantonese,Taiwanese,Vietnamese,English,Korean,Japanese,Thai,Burmese,Malay,Filipino,etc.  ) on Cloud for free download.The system updates songs each every week.It will hint Synchronize new updates cloud songs if there are new songs.

4..Songs ranking: According to demand and download quantity to rank.

5.Easy searching,Excepting Pinyin and handwriting to search Chinese and English songs, The player supports using other small language characters to search songs.

6..Support AI voice input,You could say something to the player.Like you want to sing what songs.(Only for Chinese system)

7.Record and share songs;

8..Key up and key down;

9.Fast forward and quick retreat

10.The player is built-in WIFI receiver,no need to connect external WiFi antenna;

11.USB add songs in batch:The player support using USB disc to add songs in batch,also support play USB directly;

13.Dual system:The Player is built with Android and KTV system.Support Install install Android app.Like YouTube, Video app etc.


14.HD Output:The video support HD TV output.Most songs are with 1080P resolution. Some songs are with 720P .And some old songs are with 480 or lower resolution due to songs MV record technology.

15.Capacitance screen: The player is new upgraded to wide angle of view capacitance screen .It is more accurate and sensitive. The appearance is more beautiful.


1. Product name:15.6’’ ECHO Capacitance touch screen karaoke player

2. Screen size15.6’’

2.Machine typeInternational system touch screen player

3.VoltageWorldwide universal:110~240V

4.Hard drive capacity:1TB

5.Songs quantity: Chinese English songs preloaded for directly karaoke singing.More than 10 countries songs on cloud for free download

Package list:

1.15.6’’ Touch Screen player installed with 1TB SSD

2.HDMI Cable;

3.RCA cable

4.Power adapter

5.Power cable

6.Wireless microphone

About warranty

Warranty is 1 year,During warranty, if the player has problem,we will judge the reason and defective parts according to the problem. And decide whether send the parts or exchange the machine according to exchange operability .We will arrange co-operational express delivery staff to pick up the package