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Integrated function of Amplifier,Mixer and Microphone.Could directly drive 8-12 Loudspeaker.

350W+350W double channel. The sound effect is shock and excellent

Supply mutiple audio inpu method,like optical,coaxial,HDMI and ananlog audio input

The mixer has noise suppression.The microphone has good anti-interference ability and can effectively suppress the noise. No distortion.Inlude Wireless microphone, also support external microphone.

Bluetooth 5.0 Support.Could connect with Mobile device that has bluetooth function to play music

USB Play. Could support connect with USB disc or connect with Computer USB port to play music

Audio output. Could connect with speaker for audio output. One machine is equal 3 equipment function of Mixer+Amplifier+microphone

Microphone parameter:

Frequency Scope: 550-615MHz

Number of adjustable channels:40*2

Frequency stability:±10ppm

Receive mode:Digital pilot

Receive sensitivity:-95~-67dB

Frequently ring tone:40-18000Hz


Modulation system:frequency adjustment:FM

Mixer Parameter:

Support DRC(Dynamic range compression)

Support Noise Suppressor

Support Frequency shifter

Support Hoeling control

Support Vocal cut

Support Reverb plate

Support MIC and Music EQ Separate setup

Amplifier Parameter:

Power :350W

Differential analog input, start and stop without clicking. 90% high efficiency class D operation, AC110-240V voltage. Self-protected design with error reporting. For example (low voltage, over voltage, clipping, and short circuit)



Package list:

1*All in one Amplifier

2*Wireless microphone

1*Remote control

1*Power cord

1*Bluetooth atenna

1*Microphone atenna

2*Microphone anti roll ring

2*8'' Loudspeaker