This listing is for a 50cm length of high-quality black tack putty, supplied with protective backing paper. 

Dimensions: 50cm x 20mm x 1mm (approx.)
Adhesive power: 12 N/cm 
Temperature Resistance: -40 °C to + 90 °C
Operating temperature: + 5 °C to + 40 °C

This is a must-have item for every railway modeller or photography enthusiast. It is an industrial version of blu-tac and far stronger, which awesome sticking power. It gets stickier the more it's worked and can be reused multiple times.

It provides a permanent yet easily reversible fixing for DCC decoders, wiring, cab and directional light installations, DCC sound upgrades, sealing speakers enclosures, weights and ballast, and any number of other modelling uses. For photography, it can temporarily hold some cameras, flashes, drapes and other equipment (although you should always test fixing strength before leaving it for any period of time).

It is non-toxic and specially formulated so it can be left in place for several hours without leaving any residues when it is removed (although we don't recommend that it's left on the outside of models or equipment for more than a couple of days to avoid marks from extended use).


Black tack can be used immediately, but for best results, work it between your fingers for a few minutes before use. For full strength, you may have to knead it a lot more than you would for normal blu-tac. You know it is ready when it becomes almost too sticky to get off your fingers. Make sure to clean the surfaces of any dust or debris before applying the black tack.