LoL Light of Life - Solar Greenhouse Box (Standard ver.) is based on the sustainable development issues of most concern in contemporary society. The purpose of this product is to enable the next generation to experience topics such as complementary agriculture & solar, modern agriculture, renewable & smart energy, while improving students' interest in learning, cultivating social awareness, and raising attention to pressing environmental issues. Besides, it can be used by individuals for decoration, education, DIY, improved planting etc.

# Key advantage when compared with normal plant pots as below:

  1. Better Growth of plants: 60% increase in plant growth rate and 50% improved appearances & quality of growth with controlled environment
  2. Less human man-hour involved (adjustment): time saved with automatic control of temperature, humidity and light
  3. Reduced efforts involved (irrigation): time saved with "Underground water design" >> 1-2 irrigation/ week ONLY
  4. Daily application of Renewable Energy: power supported by Solar green energy
  5. Small scale: suitable to be placed at various location indoor or outdoor, no matter in office, house or garden

# Purpose of use:

  1. Decoration: to be placed on the desk, near the balcony, at the corridor, along the journey, and many more!
  2. Education: adaptive to STEAM elements such as modern agriculture, renewable energy, sustainability, ESG, environmental protection
  3. DIY: with various DIY components to be completed in around half an hour
  4. Planting: improved planting experience with key features above; common plants feasible to grow, such as lettuce, flower, bean, nerve-plant

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