Traction Tape with Roller, 10cmx15M Non Grip Tape for Stairs Outdoor/IndooA9
Improved Safety: Anti Traction Tape is designed to increase the resistance of surfaces, reducing the risk of , trips, and falls.
Durable: Made with high-quality materials, Anti Traction Tape can withstand heavy foot traffic and maintain its -resistant properties over time.
Easy to Apply: This tape is simple to install, making it an effective solution for improving the safety of any surface, whether indoors or outdoors.
Prevents Slipping with Perfect Texture - Anti tape help you take matters into your own hands when it comes to you and your family's safety.
Works on Multiple Surfaces - Exceptionally strong grip tape is durable for indoor and outdoor uses as well as stairs, , , concrete, metal, plastic, tile, laminate, mats, shoe grips, skateboard grip, ramp and scooters... Our tape can be used on all smooth surfaces. Enjoy all around protection and ultimate comfort in your home, as well as in hotels, restaurants, businesses and educational establishments.

size: 10cm x 15m
Material: pvc
colour: black

Package Contents:
1 x Anti Traction Tape