Product Description
7 Chakren Reiki Heilstein Set Meditationsstein Yoga Schutzstein mit Geschenk box

100% brand new and high quality

Material : gemstone

chakra point size : approx 8x32mm

Drum stone size : about 12 ~ 18mm

Gemstones have always been a powerful carrier base, have different effects and are known as power transmitters and helpful for supporting soul ailments.

These precious stone guardian angels can also be used as chakra stones.

You get a gemstone guardian angel in the following designs:

Rock crystal: Protects you and brings you luck.

Rose quartz: Stands for love and should give lonely people the necessary support in life.

Aventurine: The angel gives you courage and should help you to be optimistic. Aventurine also relaxes you and supports you to find a positive self.

Amethyst: You strengthen your spirit and all superfluous and negative thoughts should evaporate. Your perception will be sharpened and you will be more aware of your activities.

Tiger's Eye: The gemstone Tiger's Eye should give you courage, strengthen you and support you in important decisions. It protects against influences such as stress and doubt through more balance.

Lapis lazuli: the healing stone among precious stones. It helps with fears - gives you optimism and strengthens your self-confidence.

Amazonite: The Amazonite angel has a balancing effect and soothes your mind. Inner unrest and doubts should be resolved through the stone.

Red jasper: The gemstone brings inner harmony, gives satisfaction and strengthens your understanding. It releases blockages and keeps negative influences away. It also gives more courage and willpower.

Please note that there may be color deviations, as the gemstones are a natural product and every stone is different.

We would like to point out that the descriptions of the gemstones / healing stones are not related to effects in the medical sense.

Delivery content:

1 x stone set