Daiwa NEW Carp Fishing Classic Big Pit Tournament 6000 ST Reel - TS6000T

Product Information
This Tournament ST from Daiwa is the classic elite big pit reel, adored by distance casters and continental carpers alike. Renowned for its incredible reliability and rugged ability, this reel features Daiwa’s patented worm gear oscillation system and ensures a faultless line lay every time. The large capacity spool can take 330m of 14lb or18lb line (dependant on reel size, 5000 and 6000 models respectively) with ease, so it can handle even the most aggressive of distance casts.
TwistBuster technology, a rotating system fitted onto the bail arm to counteract line-twist, ensures that all this line doesn’t suffer from tangles. It also significantly extends the lifespan of your chosen line, as it seriously reduces the friction between the line and the bail arm. A spring loaded line guard is also at play in this reel and does its bit to prevent tangles, too.
The front drag system on this reel is enviable and is easily adjusted between freespool and solid thanks to the ten washer micro-adjustable gear system. The reel itself has a 4.2:1 gear ratio on the 5000 and 3.1:1 on the 6000, meaning you get an awful lot of power for your money. The gearing itself is constructed from Super Dura aluminium and features a super metal rotor for additional durability. Incredibly, this reel features seven ball bearings. Not only does this ensure that this big pit is a smooth operator, but these ball bearings also ensure that the Tournament ST will have a long life, as they significantly reduce friction in the internal mechanism.
Finished in gun metal grey with a polished alloy spool, this reel is as classic in appearance as it is in ability. The perfect compliment to any high-modulus modern Daiwa rod, when you invest in a Tournament ST you’ll never look back!
Classic big pit spool design
Micro adjustable ten washer front drag
Gun metal finish with polished alloy spool
Worm gear oscillation for superb line lay
Spring loaded line guard to prevent spool tangles
Super Dura aluminium gears
Super Metal rotor for durability and strength
Twist Buster
Following huge demand we are now able to offer these new and improved Digital Weighing Scales that are capable of weighing the largest of carp. Featuring a compact design they are extremely user-friendly and couldn’t be easier to use...
? Features on/off button to ensure maximum battery life
? Independently sealed electronics 
? Simple zero button (0.00) which you press once you have attached your wet weigh sling
? Simply press the kg/lb button to select between kilograms or pounds
? Backlit screen for easy use in the dark
? Metal loop on top for use with a weigh bar or crook, or simply use your thumb for small fish
? Large weighing hook so easy to place weigh sling on it
? Low battery indicator 
? Weighs up to 60kg (132lb) in 1oz increments
? Supplied with protective PU hard case
? Takes 2 x AA batteries

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