Hutsuls Wood Carving Tools Set - Easy to Use 12 pcs Mini Wood Chisel Beginner Wood Carving Kit for Adults & Kids Carving Kit Gift

Let's Get Carving: Bring out your inner creativity & try making crafts with the beginner carving kit. Hutsuls carving wood tools set is a great choice for beginners & kids to start carving on your own A Breeze for Detail-Oriented Projects: Each detail chisel in the wood carving set has its own unique tip shape which allows for a different type of detail work in wood, soap, linoleum, rubber, or even pumpkin Very Sharp & Beautiful: The knives from this wood carving knife set are not only well made but also super cool to use. With their ergonomic handles and sharp blades, you'll be able to do any carving job comfortably Safety & Convenience: You'll love the convenience of our storage case. It's designed to protect your carving chisels when not in use and keep them organized for quick access. The safety caps help prevent injuries during storage or transport We Love Our Products & Customers: We take great pride in creating durable tools that will last for many years, and we're proud to have you as part of our family

HUTSULS Wood Carving Tools With the HUTSULS Wood Carving Tools Kit, you can do any wood carving job while enjoying a high level of comfort. All knives from the carving chisel set have a design that is not only comfortable for a hand but also pleasing to the eye. HUTSULS 12 piece wood carving set includes a storage case, and twelve woodcarving knives: Big semicircle 8.8 mm / 0.35 inch Round mouth 7.2 mm / 0.28 inch Mid V chisel 5.8 mm / 0.23 inch Small semicircle 4.5 mm / 0.18 inch Mid semicircle 6.8 mm / 0.27 inch Mood machete 6.0 mm / 0.24 inch Small oblique 5.5 mm / 0.22 inch Sharp arrow 7.8 mm / 0.31 inch Big oblique 7.2 mm / 0.28 inch Small mouth 4.3 mm / 0.17 inch Small needle 3.3 mm / 0.13 inch Big mouth 7.2 mm / 0.28 inch Carve Different Things from Different Materials Use as Relief Carving Tools Cut a design or pattern into a flat surface using our wood carving chisel set. You can carve wood, linoleum, clay, and synthetic carving blanks. Use as Wood Sculpture Tools Carving is by far the most common technique used in wooden sculpting and traditionally sees wood being worked by hand tools. Create art figurines from wood and other material using our woodcarving tools. A range of techniques have evolved to produce a wide range of carving effects of each different type of wood, the possibilities are almost endless. Use as Wood Whittling Tools There are a variety of methods that a sculptor can use, with HUTSULS wood chisels for carving wood. Such as whittling, chip carving, relief carving, flat-plane, caricature carving, and carpentry. Use as Lino Carving Tools Linoleum or lino is now popular with artists who carve into the smooth lino surface. HUTSULS linocut tools are also used as linoleum block carving tools for block printing. Small linocut images also make great stamps. Use as Pumpkin Carving Knives The proper pumpkin carving knives are essential to create the best Halloween pumpkin. Etching style portrait carving or corporate logos, monsters, and artistic masterpieces transform your ideas into a reality with our knife carving kit. Use as Soap Carving Tools To make a soap carving, all you need is to find soap and use HUTSULS soap carving tools. Soap carvings are simple to begin for children and adults. Use your imagination to be shaped into designs as complex as you desire. Forging For HUTSULS carving knife tools, we use the finest quality Japanese SK2 high carbon stainless steel. In the process of forging carbon steel is really important to get to the critical temperature which helps to refine the grain structure inside the blade and remove any stress from the metal. Hardening Next comes the hardening process that will make blades for our carving tool set extremely durable and able to hold a sharp edge. The blades are placed into a specialized hardening furnace containing the hydrogen and nitrogen protective atmosphere. The blades are heated for a proper time period at a temperature of nearly 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. After exposure to this extreme temperature, the blades are rapidly cooled transforming the steel from a relatively soft state to a hard state with a very fine very strong grain structure. Tempering In the third step for HUTSULS carving wood tools, blades are placed back into a specialized hardening furnace. This time the back of the blade is facing toward the heat. This will give our blades in wittling carving set hotter section on the back where we want the blade softer. When the blades get to blue at the back and wheat at the edge, they are dipped into the oil to lock them in. After the extreme heat and ultimate cold, the characteristics of each blade for the woodcarving tool are well balanced among strength, hardness, stain resistance, and most of all the ability to hold a sharp edge. High Quality! Very few other wood carving kits are subjected to this critically important process that actually transforms the metallurgical properties of the steel resulting in the blade that resists corrosion and stays sharp for many years. In HUTSULS, we design the best high-quality wood carving chisel sets for our customers so that they can enjoy their craft masterpieces! HUTSULS wood tools set - made with Hutsul traditions & culture in mind For many centuries, Hutsuls, an ethnic group of western Ukraine, carved various wooden items and are famous for their wood craftsmanship. Their experience and secrets passed down through the generations are implemented in the HUTSULS wood carving tool set. The Ultimate Beginner Wood Carving Tools Set General Tools for Carving Wood Wood Carving Whittling Tools Wood Carving Chipping Tools Spoon & Kuksas Carving Caricature Carving Linoleum Cutter set Soap Carving Tools Pumpkin Carving Knives Designer Packaging - Perfect for Gift! Great Gift Idea! Christmas, Hanukah, Birthday, or Father Day gifts for wood carvers!