Set of 56 Mica Cosmetic Pigment Powders!

You will receive 10g of each of the following colours: 

Almost Ice – Intense Icy Medium Blue

Antique Gold Brown – Darker toned brown with a gold undertone that provides an antique effect

Aphrodite – Soft & subtle with a hint of pink

Apple Shimmer - A pastel green with blue undertones

Arctic White - A Pearlescent White

Bejeweled – A vibrant green with a blue and gold undertone

Bluebell Cluster -  Medium Blue with Violet Undertones

Bonny Buttercup Sparkle – A very buttery yellow

Brushed Bronze – A pastel more subtle brown

Burlesque – A colour saturated iridescent pink/purple

Chestnut Brown – A very warm brown with red undertones

Choc ‘n’ Ice - A brown metallic with an ice blue sparkle

Clementine Pop – A bright true Orange

Cool Pink – Shimmery oink with blue undertones

Coppery Blush – a warm coppery metallic with a blush undertone

Coral Sparkler – A beautiful Coral with a hint of Gold

Crème de la Crème - A neutral creamy colour

Desert Sunbeam – Metallic deep and rich orange/red

Doubloon Gold - A deep rich colour with warm orange undertones

Dreamy Aquamarine - A bright, Vibrant blue/green with a hint of gold

Electric Blue – Intense true bright blue

Emerald Lagoon - A true dark Emerald Green

Fiery Fusion - Intensely  rich pink

Golden Willow – A willowy green with a gold undertone

Golden Pumpkin - A mid-range orange with a golden twist

Iced Coffee - A pretty golden brown with hints of gold, green and red through it

Jazzberry Crush – Pink/purple blend

Just Peachy – Warm Pastel Peach

Lemon Sherbert Sparkle - A light bright lemon

Lime - Light and vibrant Lime Green

Misty Blue – A mid-range Blue

Moonkissed Nights – A dark grey with a silver shimmer

Mystical Mauve – Deep rich purple with a cool blue undertone

Nebula – Grey with a hint of purple

Oasis – A colour saturated blue/green

Pandora – A pretty purple/Pink

Passionata – A warm metallic red

Purple Heart – Purple with a pink undertone

Purple Passion –Deep rich purple with a high colour saturation

Sangria – A rich red wine metallic

Sapphire – a True Sapphire Blue

Silver Blue – A very high sparkle silver with a hint of blue

Silver Green - A very high sparkle with a hint of green

Silver Sparks - A very high Silver sparkle

Smokey Grey - A Lighter Grey Mica

Soft Amethyst - A vibrant purple with a hint of silver, blue & pink

Sparkling Gold - A high sparkle medium yellow Gold

Sunburst Sparkle - An extremely bright yellow

Sunkissed Shimmer - Light golden brown metallic with warm peach undertones

Sunset Dazzler - Extremely bright Orange with red undertones

Tiger’s Eye - A warm coppery mica with a hint of orange

Toffeelicious - Golden toffee coloured metallic brown

Tropical Temptations - A stunning iridescent deep blue with a violet undertone

Velvet Taupe - a pastel shade in-between a soft grey and pastel brown

Virtuous Violet - Intense Violet with blue undertones

Silver Lilac - Very high sparkle Silver with a hint of Purple

OPTION 1 - Full set of 56 pigments - No Pots £89.00
You will receive 56 x 10g of each pigment in a labelled clear re-sealable bag. 

OPTION 2 -  Full set of 56 pigments - Including Pots £99.00
You will receive 56 x 10g Pigments in a labelled clear re-sealable bag
56 x 10g Empty Clear Pots with Black Lids
1 x Sheet of printed stickers to label pots. 

(Pots are empty on delivery. We have decided against filling the pots as we have found that although they are 10g pots, the pigments differ in density so some colours will not fit the full 10g of pigment in. So by receiving the pigments in a clear re-sealable bag you receive more pigment, and can top up pots when required)


·         All orders are sent free postage via Royal Mail 2nd Class

·         Optional postage upgrade to 1st Class available at a small cost.

·         Orders will be processed the same day working day when ordered before 3pm.

·         All orders placed after 3pm, weekends & Bank Holidays will be processed the next working day.