You are purchasing/bidding on a Pack of Pokemon Cards in Korean from the Sword & Shield "Sword" SERIES S1W. The Packs are in Korean and manufactured by Pokemon Korea, Inc.  There are 5 cards in the pack.  One of those 5 will most likely be a rare, which could be non-holographic, reverse holographic, holographic, or even an ex or Lv. X Card. Some Packs may not have a rare, but odds are in your favor.  This pack has never been used.   This will be shipped via 1st Class Mail Parcel.  Delivery normally takes 2-9 business days, depending on location; they may take longer to ship during holidays. Paypal ONLY.  If you have any other questions, feel free to email me.  If you do buy multiple items, wait for me to give you a calculated total, so I can adjust the S/H Charges accordingly.  I will be putting more Pokemon Cards up in my store, English, Japanese and Korean Pokemon Cards, etc. 

Positive feedback will be given to buyers who pay in a timely manner.

ESPANOLUd. va a comprar una Baraja de 5 tarjetas de Pokemon en koreano.  Es del serie Sword & Shield "Sword".  La baraja es hecha por Pokemon Korea Inc. Va a ser mandado por 1st Class Mail Parcel. Normalmente la entraga tardara 2-9 dias habiles, dependiendo de la localizacion; podria tardara mas dias durante los dias de fiesta, como la Navidad o el Ano Nuevo...etc.  PAYPAL SOLAMENTE.  Si Ud. tiene algunas preguntas, Ud. puede mandarme un email(en ingles, aleman, o espanol). Si Ud. compra mas que una cosa, por favor esperame para darle un total nuevo porque voy a combinar los S/H.  Por esto no necesita pagar $7.50 mas otro $7.50 para S/H por ejemplo.  Habra mas tarjetas del Pokemon en mi tienda, en ingles, japones, y koreano.