5x 8ML Rubber Solution Cement Puncture Glue Repair Bike Tyre Bicycle Hole Tire


Capacity: 8 ml/pcs 

Appearance: transparent semi-fluid

Solid content: 28% -35%

After curing Hardness: 70-85A

Surface dry time: 3-6 minutes or so positioning

Full cure time: 24-48 hours

Storage: stored at 10 degrees to 28 degrees

Plastic and plastic, plastic and metal bonding adhesive.

Environmentally friendly,non-polluting,non-corrosion multi-functional universal adhesive 



1. Please read carefully the instructions in the product before use

2. Please do a small area before the test is complete, then a large area of use

3. Make sure that the surface of the bonded article is clean and dry.

4. Greenhouse use the best temperature between -5 o Ç +40 oÇ

5. After opening the lid must be immediately tightened to avoid colloid and air after a long time after contact with curing

6. After the glue in 3 minutes need to align the two objects can be a little pressure

7. After the construction of the product placed 4-8 hours can be moved and ordinary 

packaging, but can not seal the packaging

8. Product for a long time when not in need of the remaining glue glue dry clean and easy 

to use the next time

Package included:

5*Bicycle Tire Glue. 


1. There may be irritation to allergic skin

2. Please use in a well-ventilated environment

3. If you accidentally contact with the eyes, please rinse with plenty of water

4. Keep away from places where children can access

5. Shelf life: 18 months, the safe use of the date at the end of the tube