Hutsuls White & Green Strop Compound - Total 5 Oz Get Razor Sharp Edge with Green Honing Compound for Strop, Easy to Use Green & White Stropping Compound for Knives Guide, White Polishing Compound Bar

Razor-Sharp Edges: Keep your blades extra sharp with a knife polishing compound set. Use white & green polishing compound bar for honing axes, chisels, broadheads, plane blades, pocket & chef's knives Easy to Use: Using this leather strop polishing compound set is a breeze. This is for professional & beginner use. Includes a step-by-step metal polishing compound stainless steel how-to-use guidance Will Last Years: The fine white aluminum oxide paste and extra fine green aluminum & chromium oxide strop paste in wax bars go a long way in providing years of use. Great value 2 bars, a total of 5 Oz Works Great: White & green buffing compound bars are fast and effective for polishing to a mirror finish. Because of their economy and practicality, wax bars are a go-to format for many sharpeners Easy to Store & Protect: In leather strop compound set is included a functional plastic case. Good sealing prevents green & white strop compound from over-drying, dust, moisture & keeps them organized

A Secret to Razor-Sharp Blades

If you are seriously into wood carving, you need to keep your knives razor-sharp, and if you are a real artisan, you won’t settle for less than mirror-like blades. That’s just what Hutsuls’ knife strop compound does — it helps you get extremely sharp edges and smooth surfaces with no sweat.

Centuries-Long Leather Stropping Tradition

The manufacturing of our strop buffing compound is based on the many centuries of experience and professional secrets of Hutsuls, an ethnic group of western Ukraine famous for its wood craftsmanship. With the knowledge passed through the generations of artisans, we know how to hone blades faster and better using high-quality leather strop polishing compound. Our expertise and the quality of Hutsuls’ products are verified by more than 100,000 happy clients around the world.

Multipurpose Stropping Compound for Knives and Cutting Tools

You don’t have to puzzle over compounds needed to restore the sharpness of your blades anymore. Our set includes abrasives most appropriate for honing and polishing a vast variety of tools:
• woodworking tools (wood carving knives, chisels, hand planes)
• sports and hunting equipment (folding knives, fish hooks, broadheads)
• kitchen knives (chef’s knives, cleavers, kitchen shears)
• garden tools (axes, shovels, garden shears)
• camping gear (bushcraft knives, hatchets, camping axes)
• razors, pocket and utility knives

Apply the coarser white stropping compound first to remove deep scratches from soft metals, sharpen dull blades, and give a nice final finish to harder materials. Get on with the extra fine green strop compound to enjoy supreme luster on hard and soft metals. You can use each compound for strop and wheel polishing — just rub it on the heated strop surface or press it against the spinning wheel, and you are ready to go.

A Greate Choice for Strop Polishing Compound

At a very reasonable cost, you get a money-saving solution for all your sharpening jobs:
• 2.5 Oz green polishing compound bar for glossy buffing;
• 2.5 Oz white stropping leather compound for cutting and polishing;
• a plastic storage case to prevent the compounds from drying out and retain their properties for longer;
• step-by-step instructions explaining when and how to use the aluminum oxide bar or the chromium oxide strop paste for the best possible results.

The Hutsuls white and green rouge set helps you to keep your cutting tools sharp and ready with a little time and effort spent!