adidas Terrex Hyperblue Mid R.RDY

Colour Black/Grey

Product code FZ3399

RRP £150.00

OUR PRICE only £69.99

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normal adidas size/fit rules apply; most customers tend to size up but we recommend checking size before ordering

Perfect combination of street and nature. These are the adidas Terrex Hyperblue sneakers from the outdoor division of three stripes. On the solid, non-slip TRAXION® outsole, experience an improvement in your performance on any terrain thanks to the specific layout and shape of the grips. And if performance isn't your thing, that's okay. One walk on the bus is all it takes to see the difference in comfort.





Textileis a lightweight material, which is offered in a very wide color scale and is mainly used for summer footwear.

Syntheticsunlike textile, synthetic fibers are stronger, more durable and quick-drying.


EVAmost commonly used as a midsole material, because it has very good shock-absorbing effect, it also excels among other materials in its crack resistance and elegant smooth surface.


TRAXION®The adidas TRAXION® technology helps runners save energy and improve their performance on the ground. Thanks to the specific placement and shape of the grips on the outsole, it gives you maximum traction and confidence for every step on soft surfaces.