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Best deal on eBay for PCGS graded U.S. coins!  Guaranteed!

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INCREDIBLE! Our recent acquisition of a huge unsearched coin hoard included box after box of top quality PCGS graded coins.  It's no mystery they had been set aside - coins like these are very hard to come by and are highly treasured by collectors.  We can now offer them to you individually at a massive discount!  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!  Also make sure to check out our bonus offers below, for multiple coin purchases.  The value simply can't be beat!

And it gets better! All of these coins grade Proof 69, one of the highest grades that can be assigned to a coin.  Coins that grade this high have a wonderful, lustrous surface and absolutely no wear or scratches!  It's almost as if they were just minted!  They're certainly not like most coins you will find because they have never been in circulation.  Don't miss out - there are a very limited number of these top quality coins available and we can't guarantee how long we will be able to offer them.

Our ability to purchase coins like this in large quantities means that we can offer them to you at wholesale prices.  We do all of the hard work so you can enjoy the savings!  Our 15+ years as an eBay seller and a leader in estate coin sales guarantees that you will get high quality coins at some of the lowest prices on eBay.  Nothing else even comes close!  Our thousands of satisfied buyers would agree!

Each $19.99 lot = 1 PCGS graded coin

Buy one or buy a few, the shipping is always FREE!

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All coins are graded by PCGS, the top grading company in the world!

(Coins graded by this company are highly prized by collectors!

☆ No pennies OR nickels!

At least 1 proof quarter in each lot, guaranteed

All coins will grade Proof 69 or higher!  Even better than MS uncirculated!

(The best of the best!  No common circulated junk coins will be included)

Every coin will be in top condition with absolutely no wear or scratches!

(Coins of this quality are extremely scarce)

No duplicate coins on purchases of up to 20  lots!


All orders will receive a vial filled with gold leaf flakes

(Yours absolutely free for trying our lots!)

All of these coins are graded by PCGS, the most trusted grading company in the world!  Each coin will come sealed in a slab, as shown in the photos, and will have a unique serial identification number assigned to it.  These are not cheap, ungraded slabbed coins that many other sellers are offering.  The grading process alone can cost well over $40, and that doesn't even include the cost of the coin!  Do you really want to spend that much to get one coin graded, when you can purchase an already graded coin for less than half of that?  Of course not! 

These coins make great investments that will be a treasured part of your collection for years to come.  They also make great gifts for the holidays and are great to trade or sell yourself!  The possibilities are endless!  Their value will only continue to rise, especially since high grade coins like these were only issued in very small numbers and will never be minted again.

You are guaranteed to save over 50% off the cost of grading by purchasing these already graded coins!  You can't lose!

We know you will love our coins!  And we'll back it up with a 14 day satisfaction guarantee! 

To put it simply, we want you to be happy with your purchase.  All of our coin lots are backed by our money back guarantee that most other listings don't offer!  We've been a trusted seller for nearly two decades, and for good reason!  Our thousands of successful transactions and near 100% feedback rating speaks for itself!


Purchase (4) or more coins and you will receive at least one proof half dollar or dollar

Purchase (8) or more coins and you will receive a proof 90% silver coin as one of your coins

(Also receive the half dollar or dollar mentioned above)

Purchase (10) or more coins and receive an additional proof coin completely free

(Also receive the silver coin and half dollar/dollar)

Purchase (15) or more coins and receive a 90% silver half dollar as one of your coins

(Also receive the silver coin, and the half dollar/dollar, and additional coin)

It's easy to see that purchasing multiple coins is the way to go.  You won't receive duplicate coins in your lots, so buy as many as you'd like!  When you buy more than one coin, we save on fees and shipping costs, and we can pass these savings along to you by offering these great bonuses.  Don't miss out - we only have a limited number of these coins available. 

Don't be fooled by similar listings that offer lower quality coins at a higher price.  Our lots are without a doubt the best deal around.  When you buy from us, you can buy with confidence from a trusted seller with over 15 years of experience.

Please check out our other estate coin lots at incredible savings.  With so many choices, you're sure to find something you'll love.  Our ability to buy in mass quantities allows us to offer these rare US coins at far below retail prices.  Now you can buy like a dealer at a huge discount!  Try one today - you won't be disappointed!